Asking for Help is OK

Asking for help is OK and not a sign of ignorance or weakness. As leaders, we are expected to have the answers at all times, and while this may appear to be a fair expectation of the people we lead, we need not forget that we are humans and not Gods. We do need help.

I often ask for help. A typical call goes like this, “Hello, can we talk?” and if the answer is affirmative, “I was wondering if you could help me, I am a little lost” and I then continue to state the help I need.

As a business leader, you need extreme motivation and a clear vision of where you are heading the business and your people. Your team looks up to you and expects that you will clear the path to opportunities, and at tough times carry them through fire. They expect you to be strong, brave and level-headed and in the process of fulfilling their expectations you start believing that you can do anything and everything. You get hoisted on a pedestal from where it is difficult to admit weaknesses. You constantly camouflage your shortcomings and insecurities behind the facade of false bravado.

Leaders are humans too and are allowed moments of weakness. They need support not just from their peers but also from their followers. Having a moment of weakness does not mean that you are weak, it just shows that like others you are prone to panic too. Asking for help is a sign of strength, and an acknowledgment that together we can. History shows that many great leaders were helped not just by their peers and mentors but also by the very people that they led. You may feel vulnerable reaching out but you are getting closer to the person helping you out.

You may not have all the answers and saying “I don’t know” is also OK. It is not admittance of ignorance but an acceptance of being human. Your domain expertise is not at stake. It is an opportunity to learn something new and getting help from some one more learned is the sign of a wise man. Showing the real you makes you authentic. It saves you from being set up on a high pedestal prone to steep falls.

I have helped myself on the helpfulness of others to scale the ladder of success, and I advise you do the same. Be strong and brave, but when you are in need of help do not hesitate.

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