Being an Effective Networker

Meeting people from varied walks of life equip you with new learning and the process continues. Active networking is vital to career growth, with the potential to lead to more business opportunities and innovations. Networking is all about farming for long term benefits. There might be some short term gains but the long term effects certainly outweigh them.

For those who associate networking to cheesy events or self-advertising meets, the aversion can fortunately be overcome. HBR’s article ‘Learn to love networking‘ urges business professionals to change their mindset towards networking. Here are the four strategies that persuade people to be more active in networking communities.

Focus on learning

  • Everyone has a different motivational focus when interacting with others. Those with a ‘promotion’ mindset think primarily about advancement and accomplishments that networking can foster.
  • They perceive networking as an opportunity for learning and discovery of knowledge and skills. (Those with a prevention mindset, view it as an obligation to participate.)

Identify common interests

  • Consider how your goals align with professionals you are set to meet and how you can forge authentic and meaningful connections.
  • People establish collaborative and longest-lasting relationships when they work together on tasks that require each other’s contribution.
  • Interdependence is one of the biggest sources of positive energy in professional relationships.

Think broadly about what you can offer

  • As an established industry expert, you have valuable insights to offer. When you think on what you can give than what you gain, networking will seem less self-promotional and more selfless - therefore more worthy of your time.
  • Junior professionals may feel they have little to contribute and shy away from networking. Though they are not backed by years of experience, their fresh ideas, technological know-how and enthusiasm are contagious.
  • Young members hold potential to benefit the most (through contacts, financial assistance and industry know-how) under the wing of experienced business leaders (mentors). The expression of gratitude by emerging professionals also enhances the mentor’s reputation in the network.

Find a higher purpose

  • The spirit of networking must be framed on a larger goal- the collective benefits for your organization.
  • When we envision the bigger picture in a networking scenario, we no longer focus on self-serving objectives.
  • It’s about forming trust and helping one another toward achievement of goals.

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I believe you can network effectively if you are curious to learn and know more. Networking with top executives is a sure way of enriching your circle. Good networking is based on a foundation of trust and support. This leads to formation of authentic relationships to help you propel your business growth.

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