Offload Your Mind Once in a While

At times work seems like running a marathon and demands our constant attention with no switch off option—answering emails, attending meetings, completing tasks, and work-related travels. It all boils down to one question – How much can I get done in the least amount of time?

Research has proven that working tirelessly round the clock to attain a perfect outcome leaves us feeling exhausted and adversely affects our well-being. Undoubtedly, rushing from task to task without a break is overwhelming and mentally draining.

Offloading your mind off work sometimes is essential to relax and refresh your mind. Spending some time being unproductive is no sin and will help you power your thoughts and actions towards accomplishing the next set of tasks. Here are a few ways to help you switch off:

Honour break time

Working the entire day without breaks is detrimental to your physical and mental health. So, please remember to incorporate breaks into your schedule and make sure you honour your break time. Activities such as sipping refreshing tea, enjoying appetizing meals, doing some light exercises or going outdoors for some fresh air can do wonders for your body and mind.

Active daydreaming

A little bit of actionable daydreaming does help. Allow yourself a few minutes to offload your emotions and thoughts from the day. Listening to relaxing tunes can help calm your mind and divert your stressful thoughts. Even a short nap can help you alleviate the stress of routine, replenish your energy and improve your overall well-being.

Take offs

Take a full day off each week or short holidays once in a few months. These are days of rest- no work, no thoughts about work, no worries about work. Holidaying in activities not directly related to work energizes you and provides a new perspective, which leads to better focus and productivity upon returning to work

Trust me, switching off and being unproductive for a while rejuvenates your being, making you feel more alive. Make it a point to include leisure and relaxation in your schedules to achieve a good work-life balance and a fulfilling existence.