Business Tool Box 1.0 — Mastering Time

Mastering Time is the first of the Triple X Series, which is a workbook of Business Tools to multiply your productivity by 3. It is your Business Toolbox 1.0.

The difference between a book and workbook is that while a book tells you what to do, a workbook helps you on how to do. The first book in the Triple X series written by the National Director of CorporateConnections™ UAE Chirantan Joshi along with Muneer Samnani will help you do more with your time. You will be the Master of your Time.

The book outlines tools that have worked well for the authors and after years of reaping the benefits, they have shared the tools in this book. In simple words, they have shown the path to using your time productively. You can now get more done in the same time and more significantly, get all the important things done.

The book has five tools to teach and it includes:

Waiting List
Daily List
WWW (What, Who, When).

The Waiting List covers the scope of making a task list that you keep replenishing of things to be done. While the Daily List is the actionable for the day, arranged in the priority of 1–3–5. (you need to read the book to know what this entails)

The Checklist section tells you about organizing your year with a master checklist of periodic tasks, while the Calendarisation tools teach you how to schedule the tasks as events on your calendar.

And finally, the pièce de résistance is the WWW, the What, Who and When of things that need your attention.

The workbook has layouts that help you plan to the smallest detail. The workbook contains blank pages that you can start using to put the tools to work, almost literally.

This is a book for private circulation so you may not get it at a bookstore. To get a complimentary copy drop by our office in Al Quoz or send a courier to collect.