Can’t Find a Work Twin, Groom People Within

Most leaders look for people who can work with the same dedication and ownership as them. Isn’t it nice that even in your absence work goes on just the way you want it to be? But finding someone as good as you isn’t always possible, so as a leader you need to train and help your people grow. Ultimately leadership is all about creating new leaders.

It’s only when your people improve and take on more managerial responsibilities that you can free your time and focus on what you love — a true win-win. Helping people grow is an art and doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all formula. One needs to tailor a growth plan commensurate to the individual and his situation.

Over the years, I’ve groomed several people for managerial roles in my organizations (E-Movers I Homework Cleaning Services and more) and in hindsight I can assert that seeing your people outgrow offers immeasurable joy. In this piece I highlight a few tactics I employ to hone employee’s leadership competencies over time.

Understand first, guide next

Everyone is unique in their set of strengths and weaknesses. After you do a SWOT analysis it is extremely important for a leader to understand what motivates a person. Knowing a person well will help you connect better and build on their strengths and core areas. From job rotation and project in-charge to perks, rewards, and remuneration you can direct their growth journey. Also focusing on the big picture will let go of any imperfections and mistakes in the initial years.

Don’t give fish, teach them to fish

Regularly solving problems of your team will cripple their ability to think on their own. Each time your subordinates walk in with questions or problems, encourage them to come prepared with the two best solutions for discussion. This way you foster their thinking abilities and habit of making decisions independently.

Follow a checklist culture

Another method is making them in charge of projects. Together prepare a checklist and set timelines for tasks so that they can work in your absence by following it. This’ll increase their confidence to handle bigger projects and take on higher responsibilities following the same approach for on-time project completion.

Honing people to lead teams and resolve tricky situations gives tremendous relief and joy. As a leader you certainly need to pat your back for creating a buddy — Your Work Twin — within the organization who takes full ownership of the work in your absence.