Connect the Dots

Steve Jobs aptly said, ’You cannot connect the dots by looking forward, but only backwards.’ No matter how hard you plan, the unplanned happens in life. At times, it means hitting rock bottom to realize that something better than what you planned is waiting ahead of you.

Connecting the dots is to spot interconnections between past events and current issues in life, which initially appear unrelated on the surface. The way we deal with inevitable challenges on a day-to-day basis is what turns adversity into adventure. This testing phase determines whether we remain at the mercy of situations or emerge victorious.

I have come a long way through twists and turns in my life. But as I reflect, I have realized how these events have shaped my beliefs, thoughts and personality. I take the liberty to share with you a few learnings I have amassed along the way.

The unexpected happens

No matter how hard we plan, the unexpected can happen anytime. When this unpredictable aspect makes your plan miserably fail, latch onto hope and faith. Obstacles are moments of awakening that give you the strength to hold on. Trust that the divine forces are working behind the scenes on better plans for you in the days ahead.

Turning points in life

Coincidences such as bumping into an old friend at the café or meeting a stranger by chance can change your life forever. Such unplanned meetings and conversations spark new ideas and ignite interests. Whether it’s a business lead, romance or spiritual awakening, these mundane encounters can transform your life, leading you to a new job, meeting your life partner or treading a new path.

Serendipity happens

Alertness is crucial to examine complex situations and turn them into positive outcomes. Once you realize serendipity happens not in a single but over a timeline of events, you see the bridges that lead you to a better path. It is in those imperfect moments and crossroads of life we find our Eureka moment to figure out solutions and opportunities out of the blue. Once you connect the dots, serendipity requires the tenacity to tread on a meaningful journey ahead.

At the end of the year contemplate how far you have come and feel grateful for all the experiences in your life. Whether you call it destiny, karma or life’s plans, it’s good to look back occasionally and appreciate how life unveils before you.