Decluttering Your Life — Saahil Mehta

A very interesting talk by Saahil Mehta at a recent CorporateConnections™ meeting brought back focus habits that we must ingrain in our psyche to max our potential.
Someone described success not as what you achieved in the absolute terms, but something relative to your potential. And since we keep discovering ourselves as we mature, does it mean that achieving success is more of a journey than a destination?

Saahil outlines some very simple and practical ways in which we can achieve strategic decluttering in 4 key dimensions of life- mind, body, relationships and home to experience joy, abundance, peace and diamond grade clarity.

In the talk that lasted over 90 minutes Saahil shared pages from his book — Break Fee. He discussed one technique about decluttering the Mind, Body, People and Material Things which is worth sharing with you.

Decluttering the Mind

Starting the day early may be a challenge for some but those who do start early have a head start on others. Observing a morning ritual helps in defining the day and this includes meditation, exercise, writing a gratitude journal and planning the day.

Decluttering the Body

Getting a good night’s sleep is very essential for the optimal functioning of the body. A body needs time to recuperate and take care of itself. Sleeping habits have to be supplemented with proper eating habits. Regular meals, exercise and rest are the three essential things for decluttering the body. In his book he also discusses about balancing vitamins and minerals in the body through proper nutrition.

Decluttering People

This relates to our relationship with people and our ability to love them for who they are and not what they are. Essential is also the art of forgiving and moving on without carrying the baggage of the past. Working with negative people saps your own energy and therefore staying away from negativity of all types is prudent. Remember that everyone is on their personal journey, and you have to respect that.

Decluttering Material Things

The word decluttering has largely been associated with material things that we have accumulated over the years and are unable to part with. Understanding the difference between a want and a need will stop the very need to collect. Detaching oneself from material things helps in decluttering.

The enlightening session helped me to self-examine ways of living life in light of a more liberating experience.

Saahil Mehta also provides mentoring services for those who would like to declutter their life and live fully. More information on his website