Extraordinary People


A cherished core value of CorporateConnections™ is Extraordinary Experiences. The CC charter promises members of experiences that one would not ordinarily come across in daily life. By becoming a part of CC, a member opens the door to Extraordinary Experiences.

An ordinary event such as a chapter meeting can turn into an extraordinary event when all members participate fully.

An ordinary meal at a fine dining restaurant becomes an extraordinary affair when members enliven the evening with fun and joviality.

An ordinary field trip becomes an extraordinary outing when members dig deeper and ferret information that enriches the experience.

The winning formula that transforms an ordinary event to an extraordinary experience is the presence of extraordinary people. The highest priority of CorporateConnections™ is attracting the selected few that add to the extraordinary calibre of the chapter.

Attracting extraordinary people is a challenge in the absence of an absolute yardstick to measure extraordinariness, but when we review the traits of new prospects vis-a-vis the special traits of current members, it helps in keeping the ordinary at bay.

Abundant Mindset

CC Dubai looks for members with an abundant mindset, a world-view of plenty where the competition if at all is healthy and where everyone deserves the bounties of business. It is a mindset of sharing opportunities and contributing to the growth of chapter members.

Open to Learning

CC Dubai members depend on each other to stay abreast of trends, concepts, strategies and practices. A culture of open sharing abounds where instant as well as constant sharing ensure that all members are at the same level of awareness.

Circles of Influence

CC members have experience and exposure at the national as well as regional level and are happy to introduce members to their circles of influence. The willingness of members to extend their contacts is an empowering trait that creates pathways to the future.

Storehouse of Energy

Each member is a reservoir of energy, enthusiasm and enterprise. It is hard not to get infected by the raw energy in the room be it in person or online. The achievements of each member is a testament to their effort and does the work of a motivation pill that stays effective for long.

Extraordinary Experiences

When a set of extraordinary people come together, extraordinary things are bound to happen. The core value of Extraordinary Experience ingrained in the CC charter is attainable when the chapter has extraordinary people.

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