Free up your mind by plotting tasks on a waiting list

Are you involved entire day in a whole lot of activity and then wonder why you haven’t accomplished much? Then it’s time for you to power up and get organized.

When you try to execute several tasks that flash your mind, no matter how hard you try, it gets challenging to accomplish everything as expected. It feels you’re bouncing from task to task and never really doing justice to any of them.

As humans we tend to forget things, hence it’s important we record all tasks in a list as soon as they appear and later use it for prioritizing the execution of tasks. This waiting list is a pile of things you intend to start doing and gets replenished as and when new tasks become apparent to you. You can even jot down creative ideas as they pop up, so that it becomes a useful reservoir to refer to.

I orient you towards the first step for effectively organizing time - the creation of the waiting list:

  • Whenever tasks strike your mind, it’s important you collate them in a list to avoid the risk of taking no notice.
  • Make use of online apps to easily record tasks on your devices. For those who prefer to write down tasks, I would suggest carrying a compact diary along.
  • Refer to this well of tasks as a base for plotting your day-to-day tasks based on their level of impact into the actionable 1–3–5 task list. This priority-based list helps you classify which tasks are a priority and those that can wait.

Fully onto this time-planning method helps you gain several benefits:

  • Lists serve as a memory box and keep your focus on the tasks.
  • This simple process provides a calm mental space.
  • It also puts you at ease knowing that your tasks would be accomplished in the right order spread over a period.

Now that you have been oriented towards the significance of the waiting lists, what are you waiting for?

Go on to record the tasks or ideas that popped up after reading this and experience the benefits of this terrific organizing technique all year round.