Hacks to make a Forum Tick

Forum is a group of individuals sharing with each other in complete confidence their work and life. The objective of the forum is to help each other live a fuller life by sharing experiences and knowledge. To make the most of your Forum, here are a few tips to follow.

Follow the Script

The agenda of a forum is sacrosanct. It evolves over time but must be observed once the forum is in session. The flow and the time allotted to each item must be assiduously adhered to. The structure gives it strength and respecting it yields results.

Come Prepared

Time spent before the forum makes the session meaningful for all. Reflecting upon the period since the last forum and preparing the forum update sincerely is a prerequisite. You owe it to your buddies to come prepared.

Open Up

A forum is a confidential environment allowing you to be vulnerable. Open up with the real issues that lie submerged in your consciousness. When you start to share you win empathy and you encourage others to share openly as well. Let your buddies know things that you feel hard to share elsewhere.


Your complete and total presence of mind and heart is essential for your forum to deliver results. When you walk into the forum put aside not just your distracting devices but also all other vagrant thoughts. Listen attentively and participate fully.

Be Brief

As much you hate long speeches so do others, hence keep it brief. The forum is a place to share your stories but keeping them short brings better focus and also gives others a chance to present theirs. Preparing ahead of time helps to keep update concise.
These tips should help you make your next forum more effective and feel free to share your comments, questions or hacks in this regard.

Mohammed Sutarwala is the Forum Chair for the CorporateConnections Dubai Chapter.