Interesting Lessons from the Peaks and Valleys of Life

We all have our share of ups (peaks) and downs (valleys) in life. Whether you’re at the pinnacle of success or led down in life, the book ‘Peaks and Valleys’ will equip you with time-tested principles in life’s journey.

Narrated as a series of conversations between an unhappy young man living in a valley and a wise old man experiencing life on a peak, the nuggets of wisdom from the book amazed me.

I pen down a few meaningful thoughts that get you to reflect on various aspects of your life.

Peaks and Valleys are interconnected

  • The errors you commit today will land you in bad times and the wise actions you take today will get you into better times. In fact it’s this interchange of ups and downs that make us truly appreciate how far we have come and aspire to keep moving towards our goals.
  • Bad times don’t last forever, and the phase shall pass. Remain calm and work persistently towards attaining your ambitions in life. In the process save up some resources for unexpected twists and turns in life.

Become better, not bitter in a valley

  • Rock bottoms teach you life’s greatest lessons that mountain tops never will. A valley experience is a time to introspect and obtain better insights into your shortcomings, gain more understanding and acquire the virtue of patience.
  • Rather than sympathizing with yourself, choose to view things differently and grab every opportunity that takes you on a growth path. A simple change in attitude and a positive lens of viewing the world can render the motivation to improve your circumstances

Manage good times wisely

  • Be grateful for all the good and bad experiences life has thrown your way. When you reach the pinnacle of success remain humble and free yourself from any pride and arrogance.
  • On a peak the vices of overconfidence, complacency and a know-it-all attitude will certainly lead to your downfall into a valley.

Follow your sensible vision

  • Visualize yourself enjoying a better future and work backward to realistically make it happen. You need not take yourself too seriously along the journey and have fun as you go in the pursuit of your dreams.
  • The faster you connect with the right people and become of greater service to others, the sooner you make your way out of the valley.

In hindsight, both the ups and downs over the course of your life have given you life’s valuable lessons and shaped the person you are today.

Let me know which lesson has helped you the most. Should the lessons be helpful to uplift someone in testing times, do share it with them.