Keep Meeting Discussions Alive with WWW Tool

In most meetings, conversations that discussed work schedules are often forgotten, and as days pass by people can hardly recollect the tasks assigned to them or their deadlines. In order to simplify task management and bring in more clarity, the WWW (What, Who, When) Tool is a foolproof method to break complex projects into manageable tasks, allocate them to responsible persons and set submission timelines. Each of my companies and their respective teams have been judiciously following this practice and it has profoundly helped us establish a culture of accountability and discipline.

I orient you towards the effective WWW technique to keep meeting discussions alive even after it ends.

  • Whenever discussions occur in a meeting, instead of typing out detailed descriptions this simple formula can be used as a shorthand to precisely record the minutes by specifying- The tasks to be done (What), Person responsible for each tasks (Who) and completion deadlines (When).
  • This method serves handy to manage the entire task life cycle, right from planning to execution and tracking. It ensures projects are in progress by outlining a list of things to be done.
  • It’s an important way to remind teams of their commitments and help them focus on fulfilling them. For every task you need to address the following:

– Be clear and concise about the tasks to be executed and confirm if they are fully understood by the team.
– Designate the responsibility of task accomplishment to one person, on whom the onus of supervision lays.
– Set a time frame by which the task must be complete and a date for sending the report.

Optimal utilization of WWW tool will help you in manifold ways:

  • You can easily keep track of all the tasks and know if everything is going as planned.
  • Any obstacles can be identified and solved early on ensuring a smooth flow of work.
  • Since all the tasks are organized, it’s easier to know what others are working on and efficiently collaborate.
  • Team members are aware of how time-sensitive tasks are and can play their part better towards attaining overall goals.

The versatile WWW formula has worked amazingly well to get results at work, and I can assure you with regular utilization of this tool all your meeting discussions can realize a higher rate of accomplishment.