Leaders Learning from Leaders

As a leader there are various ways to learn and grow in the corporate world. From theoretical to practical knowledge, the avenues to grow are many. However, learning from your peers is one of the most effective ways.

Being at the top is rewarding because you empower your team and imbibe the fundamental skillsets to pursue their goals. By imparting new knowledge and training, you facilitate members’ holistic growth, but this is nowhere equivalent to learning from someone on the same level as you. This begs the question — How will you grow and improve as a leader?

Strengthening connections with fellow leaders and learning from them does benefit you in many ways. Working at the same level but in varied industries, they offer you information and ideas never known before. Premier networking platforms such as CorporateConnections(CC) are designed to facilitate leadership learning through conferences, workshops, meaningful interactions and experiences among business leaders. Joining a CC chapter is a recipe for exponential learning and in this article I discuss how.

Proven Structure

With continuous learning from regular meetings, retreats, research surveys and outings, the CC structure and offerings stay aligned to its purpose — to help leaders learn and grow. The structured agenda is managed by well experienced leaders further trained by CorporateConnections Global to deliver intended results.

Varied Perspectives

Like teams that bring in different ideas, skills, and experiences, members in CorporateConnections help you expand your knowledge base and leadership toolkit and serve as catalysts for positive change. You discover a lifetime association with smart businessmen and helpful friends that give you valid perspectives and seasoned opinions when you hit crossroads in life.

Stepping Outside the Box

When you’re amidst seasoned and proven leaders, it challenges you to experiment and do more outside your comfort zone. With access to real-time ideas or processes that have worked for them you derive motivation to venture into the new, backed by the support and guidance from members.

Learning from peers is a stepping stone to fortify your connections and networks. In the process, these peers turn your student, teacher and confidant, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship in the long run.