Making the Most of a Global Conference

Business leaders and entrepreneurs ought to know what’s going on in different sectors around the world. Any executive attends global conferences with the intent of staying on top of their game and giving wings to business expansion plans. Apart from this, conferences are wonderful places for entrepreneurs to learn, exchange ideas and connect with members from different countries. Networking, sharing of contacts, meaningful connections and opportunities for growth emanate from such events.

CorporateConnections, a premiere networking forum, holds truly unique international conferences every year and our members are enthused about going to the Annual Global Conference 2022 in Portugal from 19-22 September. As the National Director of CC UAE and an avid conference participant, I recommend a few tips to help you derive the most out of a conference.

Network, connect and follow up

Practically every person attending a conference can give you insights into ways of doing business in their part of the world. Therefore, it’s imperative you network with as many individuals as you can and forge connections that’ll allow you access novel ideas and viewpoints. After the preliminary exchange of cards, ensure you follow up with the contact sooner or later to build upon the relationship.

Kick-start conversations with questions

Tea breaks during conferences are the best time to initiate conversations and mingle with the crowd. My go-to approach to begin talking is simple: I pick my cup of coffee, find an open spot near a bunch of people, and use the opportunity to ask what brought them to the conference or their most-liked session so far. Asking a few more interesting questions get conversation naturally flowing and set the tone for more specific ones. So, by preparing your to-ask question list, you’ll generate longer and more impactful conversations.

Prepare your elevator pitch

While you are asking questions, be prepared to also answer the questions people throw your way. That’s why it’s important to prepare a quick explanation of who you are, what you do and your line of business. Briefly explain why you’re there, what you want to accomplish from the event and how you can be of great help to them in your country of business.

Connect online

In order to be remembered miles apart once the conference ends, make use of online mediums. During conversations, I usually connect with members on LinkedIn via my phone (with their permission) and capture memorable pictures together. Once I’m back in the office, I send them a thank you message with our photos attached. Every time they share a post, I make it a point to like, comment or share to keep conversations ongoing.

Explore the city

The best part of global events isn’t just the ideas, knowledge and contacts you gain, but the chance to visit and explore a new place and learn about its vast history, distinct culture and etiquettes. Do schedule slots for visiting tourist attractions and savoring local cuisines. Join along with a few members to tour the city and take along fond reminiscences of time spent abroad.

Reflect and share learnings

Once the conference is over, make it a point to reflect on the takeaways and key points so that you retain the valuable information you received. From whatever you’ve amassed from the sessions, devise an actionable list of to-dos to help you realize your goals and refine your business practices. When you reach back, make it a point to discuss the learnings in team meetings and help them derive inspiration from the shared experiences.

I hope these tips help you leverage the power of global connections and maximize your overall experience at the conference. I personally am excited to see our Global CC Community together once again this year at Lisbon, Portugal.