Manage your Energy for High Performance

In a fast-paced world, we all try to manage time efficiently and cram the workload into the day. Working tirelessly to fit into the schedule, may plummet your energy levels. Energy is what fuels your capacity to work. Organizing work based on energy levels can get more done. 
The ‘Power of Full Engagement’ is a scientifically based approach to become physically energized and mentally focused. Time is a finite resource, but energy is not. The key message is: You must manage your energy, and not only your time to be a high performer.

I outline the interesting concept of energy management to unleash high performance.

Energy is the key to productivity –

  • Organize your tasks based on the level of energy.
  • Be aware of your peak performance periods and astutely utilize it for crucial work.
  • When you are more energized and focused you probably perform tasks more quickly and with fewer mistakes.

Race at the right pace –

  • To deliver consistent performance you should set your pace, so you do not burn out during the long slog.
  • When you manage your pace, you gain the stamina to complete a hard task.
  • Break the whole project into phases and make a steady progress to achieve the end goal.

Discover what drains or sustains you –

  • Focus on what you want, not what you do not want. You need to follow a discipline regime and develop positive habits to achieve your goal.
  • Avoid people and conversations that drain you. Instead, block your calendar for activities that sustain you during the day. It could be networking circles, quality time with friends or family.

Be an elite performer-

  • Full engagement requires that we push beyond our normal limits and train like an athlete.
  • Get out of our comfort zone to grow manifold.
  • Train your energy systems (physical, mental, emotional) to balance between work and rest.
  • Take intermittent breaks between chunks of work, to renew your focus.

Be your authentic self –

  • Bring your authentic self at work - real and unpretentious.
  • Go easy on yourself and you will perform better.
  • Genuinely understand the people you work with and listen carefully to know what motivates them.

I am firmly convinced by the principles of energy management defined in the book and have been extensively following them to capitalize my reservoir of energy. I encourage you read this book and gear onto the fully charged mode.

I would love to gain insights on how you go about organizing your day whilst keeping your energy levels up.