Meaningful Relationships

Banking On Banks

It is believed that long-lasting friendships start early in life. A childhood friendship is created in a carefree environment without consideration of personal motives or external influences. It is said that it is easier to trust when you are young and were never betrayed. Bonds are deeper because of shared values and common challenges. As you grow up and leave your comfortable nest you learn the world is full of people with more parochial interests and who may not be as accommodating. You get surprised a couple of times, so you learn to be more careful with strangers and read between the lines.

Undoubtedly as you come into the workforce you meet many more people and interact much more as compared to your childhood. Your circle widens and sometimes the people in your group may not be to your liking, but you persevere. The ideal concept of friendship is bartered to a more economical and practical world of acquaintances and colleagues. You feel that coming of age also means saying goodbye to meaningful relationships. I shared the same belief until CorporateConnections™ (CC) came in my life.

One of the core values of CC is “Meaningful Relationships”. When I first read it in the charter I wondered how a bunch of successful adults joining a business networking group could ever hope for a meaningful relationship. Now that I am involved with CC for over 20 months, I have learned that it is possible to make new friends that will last for the journey of our lives.

CC creates an environment of trust and engagement where lifetime connections can flourish. Mature and weather-worn business leaders take a little longer to link but when you find yourself in the company of people that share your values and convictions the bonds are formed faster and firmer.

The CC1 UAE chapter has witnessed the formation of many meaningful relationships between members that will last a lifetime. Meaningful bonds between mature elders and budding leaders, between shy businessmen and extrovert entrepreneurs, are evident when you interact with chapter members. The relationships span across different professions and skills and go beyond commercial interests. Looking out for opportunities, giving advice, suggesting solutions and bailing out of a situation is the essence of these friendships.

The camaraderie and care extend beyond the formal meetings. Families have come together for lunches and outings and members have found shared passions that they can now enjoy together. Two current members forced into an overseas quarantine together may have even brought their families together. The children of members may also find common grounds and make new friends with each other thus making this a more permanent association.

And if the question is will these bonds last longer than their membership, then the answer is out in the open as this is the first year of membership. Seeing the present level of engagement and the selfless interests exhibited, the odds are in the favour of a lasting friendship.

I concluded that every age has the possibility to make new friends and when the environment of trust and care is established it is easier to cultivate long-lasting relationships.