Networking Resolutions 2023

In the business realm there are many instances where we need support, guidance and referrals from others. Since we’ve approached the year-end, it’s time to ponder on our New Year Resolutions. Apart from personal resolutions like eating healthily or exercising more, we can include work-related resolutions. Learning a new skill, forging new connections and enhancing our networking abilities are sure to bolster your business dealings.

In uncertain times you’d never know how your contacts will be able to help or you can be of help to them. If you’re an entrepreneur or leader, dedicate the year 2023 to growing your network. The below resolutions will greatly help you and your businesses thrive.

Assess your present networking style

Before you prepare for the coming year reflect on how you did this year. Did you attend events regularly? Did you form meaningful connections? How can you change or enhance your networking skills next year?

To improve identify the gaps and create a road map to help move closer to your goals. When you put an actual plan and invest efforts into networking the results will gradually show up.

Attend more events

Another good resolution is to attend more events and global conferences. Such places provide the perfect opportunity to meet tons of people from diverse industries and cultures and it is here where you gain insights into innovations and emerging technologies.

Press on follow-ups

Do you have a system to keep track of the people you meet? Do you write notes for each contact you meet? Is yours’ a one-time follow-up or do you make it a point to converse year-round? Though we meet many people over time we tend to get complacent with follow-ups that strengthen our relationship. Hitting likes and commenting on posts, sharing event photos, sending greetings and thank you notes are a few ways to keep the sparks of friendship alive.

Kindle your current network

Even though you are busy forging new connections, don’t lose touch with the people in your network. Continue reaching out to them throughout the year by interacting, celebrating their wins and sending greetings during festivals and special occasions. This is a nice way to reinforce the relationships you’ve already built.

Exploit social media to the fullest

Social media can be your gateway to making connections. In digital times, utilize platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and more to their full potential. Use it to research business leaders, companies and connect with diverse professionals.

Make friends outside your circle

For you to learn the new, one of your resolutions should be to connect with people from different countries with distinct cultures and ways of doing business. Driven by goals, you can mutually consent to ways for supporting and establishing each other in your country.

Find a mentor

Good mentors and useful contacts could be the difference between sink or swim for your business especially for novice entrepreneurs at early business stages. Perhaps your key resolution could be to take wing under a good mentor or guide. You are sure to derive inspiration from their life stories, experiences and mistakes.

Once you set your resolution ensure you stick to them through the year and beyond! Make 2023 a year of networking success! What other interesting business resolutions are you setting for 2023?