Peer Advisory Counsel Team

CorporateConnections™ is a global community of established business owners and C-level executives with the common purpose of propelling personal and business growth.

The Peer Advisory Counsel Team, popularly known as PACT is a focused activity to channelize the power of the group for a single individual. If you are familiar with Master Mind Groups you will easily understand the benefits of PACT as it is closely modeled on it.

The PACT is held separately from the regular meetings where a single member presents a challenge that he or she has been grappling for some time and the resolution of which can have a momentous positive impact on his or her business, and at times on personal life.

Every PACT meeting follows a structured process in which the member with the problem comes prepared to present it to the group. The participating members may also prepare by reading a background note circulated by the member in advance. An appointed moderator conducts the PACT and ensures the participation of the group. The moderator is trained to conduct the affairs of the meeting.

A PACT has a fixed duration of 90–120 minutes within which the presenter and the peers discuss. The peers speak in turns outlining their suggested solution and the presenter is free to ask questions. At the end of each PACT meeting, the presenter has a better picture of the problem and the possible approaches for a lasting solution.

Joining a CorporateConnections™ chapter is akin to hiring qualified and experienced consultants with the added benefit of empathy. The peers in the group are genuinely interested in the problem and the presenter and the ensuing solutions are hence elegant and practical.

If you would like to learn more about PACT and CorporateConnections™, get in touch with me.