Peer Support Beyond Compare

CorporateConnections is about building valuable connections. Connections that alleviate your business, facilitate personal growth, enhance your leadership skills and support you. It’s a platform where leaders continually learn and share opportunities for business expansions, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and the co-creation of new businesses. The advantages of joining CorporateConnections (CC) are many, but the most valuable benefit members gain is peer support.

From Mr. Satvinder Singh Bhatia’s perspective, we’ll explore how came to fruition during the pandemic and how peer support facilitated his business aspirations.

The sudden arrival of the pandemic in 2020 disrupted several businesses including the insurance sector. The pandemic shifted gears, and businesses had to hop onto digital realms to adapt to changing times. Not having complete expertise in the digital realm, he sought counsel from CorporateConnection members. Most members had ventured into the digital space and amassed enough expertise to offer valuable input. Their assurance and confidence were driving factors in moving the project forward.

As the founder of Platinum Insurance Brokers LLC, Mr. Bhatia was keen on developing an online portal to sell insurance and began discussions with members to seek advice and in turn received overwhelming input and support. Ideas got rolling when he approached his forum buddy Mohammed Sutarwala who runs emQube a software development company in Dubai. Eventually, was launched on January 14, 2022.

A Special mention to Atheeqe Ansari | Chirantan Joshi | Jaber Wahab | Sidarth Mahindra for their valuable insights and expertise.

Mr. Bhatia is all praise for CorporateConnection members. You have members on speed dial to call them to discuss business or personal dilemmas. It is all about relationships, how you bond with members and maintain connections. To take the project forward, he set up meetings with a few insurance companies to understand the landscape and model of their business and his close friend & CC forum buddy Mohammed Sutarwala accompanied him. From there on, the project entered the development stage, and the rest is history.

If not for CC it may have been difficult for him to go ahead with his dream. Mr. Bhatia explains, having the right people around you makes a difference. Mohammed Sutarwala’s presence was a relief and an advantage. Having other members who had experience in similar projects was also very helpful. It was easy to discuss and seek advice because he knew they had his best interests and were trustworthy. It was a big project in terms of money, time, and commitment. Doing it with unknown people would have been painstakingly difficult.

CorporateConnections transcends business transactions and grows your network. In close contact members meet and speak with each other regularly outside of their fixed meetings and they become a part of your life. There’s something meaningful happening in CC all the time and Mr. Bhatia strongly advocates it’s much more than just business. Of course, business is essential, but the relationships you create and the values you derive are equally important. Members are keen on helping you at every step, from the routine to the most challenging issues.

Lastly, when asked why business leaders should consider joining a CorporateConnections chapter , Mr. Bhatia touched on peer support and its importance. He further elaborated, “A CC forum is the best sounding board you can receive. It’s comparable to having a qualified board of directors ready to help and advise you at any time. Surrounded by friends you can trust and have your best interest in mind, is an inexplicable feeling. Navigating leadership woes, testing new ideas, receiving candid feedback, and unveiling blind spots are important for self-development and gaining new perspective.”