Quality Use of Time

Are you qualifying your time with a worthy list of activities that add value and meaning to life? Is year-round work more important than going with family on a vacation? Most people, given their hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, find it difficult to qualitatively utilize time. If you don’t plan your available time, you’re likely to spend it carelessly. However, this ultimately boils down to the choices individuals make.

Quality time is the practice of setting time aside for activities that improve overall well-being. Here you devote your time to an exclusive activity to reap the benefits of an energized you. Our Corporate Connections Chapter plans extraordinary experiences and meaningful activities for its members to indulge in year-round. In this piece, I list a few activities that professionals can choose to invest their time in.

Hobbies and interests

Our core identities are linked with the interests and passions we pursue when not at work. A collection of coins, paintings or antiques equips us with new knowledge, ideas and an outlook towards life. The pursuit of a hobby ensures productive use of time, brings us joy and enriches our lives. You also better relate with people who share similar penchants.


Regular exercise is an effective way to boost blood circulation and helps your mind focus better. It also releases feel-good endorphins in your body known to reduce anxiety and mitigate stress. A brisk stroll around nature or a swim invigorates you. Light exercises such as yoga and meditation improve posture, concentration and promote relaxation.

Travel and leisure

Exhilarating and exciting, travel can do wonders for your mind. A break from monotonous life, a holiday spree is all you need to take the stress out of you and rejuvenate yourself. Experiential travelling to foreign countries makes you grow appreciative of distinct cultures and cuisines worldwide and nudges you towards re-evaluating your own beliefs. Picturesque destinations give you happiness and contentment in a way never realized before.

Novelty experiences

Unusual experiences add great moments of joy and fulfillment in life. A paragliding or skydiving venture gives you thrills and provides a sense of accomplishment. As an adventure junkie, all you need to do is create your bucket list of adrenaline rush activities (bungee jumping, ziplining, mountain climbing) you wish to experience, and cross them off your list one by one.

Sleep and rest

Thrill-seeking experiences are enjoyable experiences but it’s important to balance heart-pumping events with episodes of rest and relaxation. Many entrepreneurs mistake skipping sleep as the heroic path to success. The fact is even partial deprivation can impact energy levels, cause irritability and anger outbursts. Allowing regular intervals of recuperation between busy workdays will make you more active and productive in the long run.

Introspection and self-improvement

The act of introspection gives you an insight into your own feelings and behavior, reflects on what’s going on in your life and whether you’ve lived up to your expectations. Higher self-awareness levels provide a clear sense of purpose and the actions to be taken to attain your goals. Blocking an hour to self-reflect sets you on a path of self-discovery and is beneficial to every aspect of life to turn into a better human being.

Quality time is all about creating valuable moments in your life. These moments can be shared with those closest to you, although some of them are a solo pursuit. Let me know more meaningful ways to spend time.