Reap The Infinite Power of Networks

Metcalfe’s Law states that effect of a telecom network expands at a rate equal to the square of connected nodes (users) of the system. Though you may not be a scientific geek to decipher this, but note that this law holds good when it comes to a network of connected people.

The higher the number of people in your network, the larger is the benefit you can gain. This network effect grows exponentially when the relations move from “mere passive” to a “purposeful active”. You can make the power of your networks infinite by keeping your network active and well-oiled.

I highlight 3 things that you can do to keep your network active.

1. Quality of Nodes

2. Interaction Content

3. Consistent Contact

Quality of Nodes

Quality of nodes refers to the profile of the persons in your network. It is not hard to build up a network but it takes time to build a network of contacts that can benefit from you and vice-versa. The person may complement your services or may be a worthy competitor. It may be person wielding authority and power or may have access to the higher corridors. You have to decide the profile most valuable and make an effort to connect with it. Node quality is single most determinant factor for impact.

Interaction Content

What you share with your contact is key to keeping the connection active and keeping your contact interested and eager to stay connected. Understand the common grounds and their specific interest to share content that is original and hard to come by. The quality of your content is a benchmark of your value to your contact, so you have to constantly create or collect this content to share. The right content also indicates the areas of your interest and evokes a reciprocal action.

Consistent Contact

Ensure that there are no gaps or long periods between two connects. Stay in the active memory of your network as that will have better recall when opportunity arises. Consistency also indicates sincerity while irregular connects spell opportunism. Work out a schedule of weekly, fortnightly or monthly connect depending on the proximity and value of each node.

I hope these tips help you work towards harnessing the power of networks.

Our Corporate Connections chapter in UAE hopes to build a network of business owners and C-level executives that will help members reap the infinite power of networks.