Set Goals, Not Resolutions

At the threshold of a New Year, almost each one of us set resolutions, desiring to be better than what we were in the previous year. Resolutions could be getting in shape, advancing your career, networking better, giving up a bad habit or simply spending more time with family. Sadly, very few of us live up to these resolutions and as the year progresses, they are forgotten. This is primarily because we don’t break up resolutions into actionable steps and all that was spoken is gone up in the air.

The article ‘This new year set goals, not resolutions’ persuades us to introspect the reasons why resolutions gradually vanish out of mind. Instead, the author urges us to set SMART goals. Resolutions are intentions, while goals are commitments and I believe once you commit and formulate a plan, you are under pressure to achieve the outcome.

I enumerate the 5 steps that help push you towards the achievement of your goals.

1. Reflect over all areas of your life

A goal is an idea of the future that a person envisions to achieve. Goals could be personal (health, relationships, travel, family, hobbies) , professional (career, money), emotional (mental well-being), spiritual (self-care). Goals enable us to achieve focus in life by helping us to assess where we stand –and determine the actions we need to take in order to reach our destination.

Deeply reflect the areas of improvement in each area of your life and set reasonable goals to be attained in each of these areas.

2. Fix SMART goals

SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

Be specific– Your goals must be crystal clear on what is that needs to be accomplished and why.
Make it measurable- Gain control over your goals by quantifying it– Earn XXXXXX salary or reduce XX kgs of weight.
Is it achievable? — Determine the feasibility of your goals and break them up into small actionable steps that take you closer to your target.
Ascertain its relevance — Ask the question ‘How significant is the goal and what impact it has in improving the quality of your life?’
Set a time limit– Your goals must have a date set for realization. You need to work backward to be in line with the deadline.

Here are examples:

– I will network 3 times more this year to accelerate my personal and professional growth. I will join more networking groups, attend relevant events and put sincere efforts to forge meaningful relationships.

– I must lose 10 Kgs weight to lead a healthier life by April 2022. A strict ‘No’ to sugary, deep-fried or junk food. Instead, I will substitute my meals with healthy portions of fruits or veggies and rigorously stick to a daily exercise regime.

3. Keep your goals in front of your eyes

You must wake each morning with a burning desire to head closer to your goal. Write your goals on your calendar or post them as your desktop wallpaper to keep them top-of-mind. Seeing your list of goals each day embeds them into your vision and fuels your momentum to fulfill them.

4. Tell a friend

Disclose your goals to the people you trust or your well-wishers- a family member, best friend or a mentor in your network. This builds accountability on your part having revealed your plans for the year. Reveal the progress you made so far each time you interact with this person.

5. Be flexible

Get flexible with the concept of flexibility. Sometimes our goals or the methods to achieve them can turn redundant. It’s perfectly okay to tweak your goals and mend the actionable ways if they are of relevance to you.

As the year progresses, take some time out to contemplate your priorities in life and set 5 bold goals for 2022. List them down into manageable tasks and share them with a trusted mentor.

Celebrate each time you achieve your goal. Good luck!