Simple Ways to Be Happy

No matter what’s going on in your external world, there’s no point in waiting for others to make you happy. Instead, you should create the conditions for your own happiness to lead to a more productive and fulfilling life. After all, happiness is a frame of mind that can be cultivated through varied practices.

Happiness is something that comes from within and all you need to do is train your brain to be happy. You need to make a choice to focus on the positive aspects of life and not allow external factors to affect your happiness quota. Choosing to be happy has a profound impact on various aspects of your life, from your physical/mental health to relationships and overall well-being. In this piece I outline five ways to potentially increase your level of happiness at a personal level.

Count your blessings

Reflect on the things that you’re thankful for in your life and make it a habit to thank or complement others. Keeping a daily gratitude journal helps you focus on the positive aspects’ life has bestowed you with and in turn invokes the universe for more blessings.

Spend time wisely

Spend time with people you care about and vice versa and build the relationships important to you. Engage in activities that are relaxing and rejuvenating such as a hobby, sports, games or more. When you utilize your time on what you love doing you elevate your happiness level.

Invest in experiences

Touring countries, sightseeing, tasting unique cuisines, learning about new cultures, paragliding above the sky, or diving under the sea — these experiences create memories that bring more lasting joy than the things we buy. In addition, as experiences are enjoyed with others they linger for a lifetime. The skiing experience with your son will bring you boundless joy each time you recollect those moments.

Look beyond materialism

It’s a misnomer that money can buy happiness. While having sufficient money is essential for meeting basic needs and some wants, it doesn’t guarantee happiness. Even the rich experience loneliness and melancholy. Eternal joy lies in living a life of purpose and meaning and working towards your goals to derive a sense of accomplishment. Even the small things in life like feeling the sun on your face or strolling in nature can make you happy.

Helping others

You’re more likely to experience happiness when you help or contribute to the needs of others rather than only yourself. Those who put others needs ahead of their own and make selfless investments in their spouse’s or children’s well-being through spending quality time and displaying unconditional love obtain greater happiness. Engaging in volunteer work and contributing to the needs of the unfortunate are also rewarding deeds.

It’s worth noting that happiness is a multi-faceted concept and what’s important to one person cannot be generalized to all, but these are some simple ways that increase happiness. Additionally, come what may through life’s ups and downs you need to be determined to be happy.