Super Connectors: Connecting People like a Spider’s Web

Do you know a super connector who links networks like a spider connecting each strand of its web to others? Such people have the natural ability to connect and interconnect people within networks.

A prolific networker who maintains a list or rolodex of contacts, the super connector just knows the people in his circle — their lives, backgrounds, passions, projects, talents and goals. Knowing isn’t enough, this person is a step ahead knitting together the right people to right resources to form relationships of meaning.

This isn’t just about the count of your LinkedIn connections or rows in your database, it’s about your inclination to do all you can to help your contacts with no immediate returns. As the National Director of Corporate Connections UAE, I share some of the attributes of super connectors and want more of our members to hone this ability when dealing with others.

Natural relationship builder

Super connectors are adept at stemming new meaningful interactions and forging relationships that fuel business growth. Having a wide and diverse network of connections, they know people from varied professions and social circles and typically function as hubs in their respective communities.

Value addition to lives

Incredibly focused on helping their contacts, super connectors add value to people’s lives even when there’s no apparent benefit to them. They derive a lot of personal as well as professional satisfaction by helping others achieve success and opening a world of opportunities that never existed before.

Strong interpersonal skills

Super connectors are skilled communicators and have excellent interpersonal skills. They are good listeners, empathetic and show genuine interest in others. These qualities help them gain people’s trust, establish and maintain strong relationships.


Super connectors understand the law of reciprocity. Their superpower lies in their sincere desire to help and support others with no direct returns to themselves, knowing that their generosity will be reciprocated in the long run.

Maintain old relationships

Super connectors are also proficient at not letting their old connections die down. They find the right reasons to reach out be it for advice, greeting, or congratulating them on an accomplishment. Apart from this they also help their contacts stay aware of key events or updates that serve as good reasons to talk or meet again in future.

With social media, it’s easier than ever to reconnect with old contacts and remain in touch with new ones. But it’s important to remember you aren’t just building a database of contacts; you’re cementing long-lasting meaningful relationships.

As you develop your superpower to connect people who need to be connected, you can be assured that carefully fostered and curated networks do eventually bring you immeasurable rewards whose satisfaction is larger than any tangible benefit.