Tips to Turn Overtly Network-y

Do you hesitate to network or connect with more people oftenly? Do you boldly ask questions during a networking meet irrespective of what others think? Here are useful tips to help you network more and build meaningful relationships.

If you think networking is a way to collect business cards, generate leads and sell services, then you have the wrong notion. And this is the reason behind your fear or reluctance to network.

In reality, networking is about meeting people and exchanging value with everyone you meet. Even if you have a business to promote or a product to sell, you still know things in your line of business that other people may not and this knowledge can be of immense value to others. You need to be someone worth knowing by bringing skills, knowledge or solutions to the table.

The more you think about what you have to offer the more effortless networking seems. As an avid networker and as National Director of Corporate Connections UAE , I outline a few tips for you to network confidently and build meaningful relationships, one at a time.

Be at the giving end of life

To turn into an avid networker stop worrying about what you can get and start thinking about what you can give. By giving and helping someone, you not only make a difference in someone’s life you also earn their admiration and trust. In return if not the person, your good stars in the universe will certainly reward you in other ways.

Probe with questions

Instead of talking, ask questions and listen. Probing with a few open-ended questions will get the conversation flowing and make people more comfortable to talk. Hence, it won’t take long for you to find ways to help people or know how they can help you, and relationships build from there.

Bring friends along

Bringing a friend to networking events will not only give you a stronger sense of belonging, but it expedites the networking process for both of you. They’ll introduce you to people they meet, you introduce them to the people you know and this is a win-win.

As a professional networker, I affirm networking is essential to your success regardless of the industry you work in or the position you hold. The business cards, the lunches and the conference are all formalities, but the relationships and trust you forge are the true win.