Top 5 traits of Rising Stars

Traits of Rising Stars

Progressing up the organizational hierarchy is the aspiration of every executive irrespective of the size of the company. In my career as an employee and then as a business owner I have witnessed many stars rising to great heights. I have also seen a few false starts, that simply vanished after their initial rise.

I share with you the 5 traits of employees that catch my attention and then make it to the list of rising stars that I must nurture and grow.

If you have these traits in you, I can assure you that it will help you to climb the leadership ladder faster.


We look for employees that are proactive and take interest in issues that are not necessarily confined to their work responsibilities. They do not wait for instructions but can preemptively resolve an issue before it blows up. Noticing a trend in the market or a customer sentiment or a competitive maneuver and bringing to the attention of management can get you noticed. So take initiative without counting your fils first.


Executives that are aligned to the company’s objectives and goals stand a better chance of growth as compared to those who follow a personal agenda. How well you are in sync with the organization’s culture is very important for being considered for an elevation. Take time to read and understand the company’s plans and reorient yourself to align with your company’s priorities.

Problem Solving Skills

While nobody loves a trouble-maker, any person with the ability to solve problems is highly valued. Your proactive nature when coupled with your knack for coming up with solutions is a trait that can earn you a seat in the inner circle. Keep on the lookout for problems where your innovative mindset can find long-lasting solutions.


To be a star player you need the support of your team and you get support only when you give. Management loves executives who show leadership in a situation but more valued are those who have the ability to co-operate and collaborate with teammates. Try to help and seek help from your team and draw out the best traits in each other to deliver a better result.


Management loves executives that show flexibility and talent to contribute in any circumstances. Jack of all and master of none is a bad label but Jack of all and master of few is a label worth aiming for. Do not withhold yourself or get limited by your belief. Apply yourself to any situation and even your smallest of contributions will be noticed for your rise to higher positions.

In conclusion, I have to say that over the many years that I have watched and promoted talented people, I believe that there are a few more desirable traits, but the five that I have briefly described in this article would be the Top 5 things that management looks at in a rising star.