Useful Tips to Fortify your Connections

Over the years mankind thrived by living in groups, forming connections and discovering new things. It’s this very aspect of human connection that helped advance our world from hunting and farming to doing business and networking with one another.

Though we formally exchange business cards at networking events, the real test is how we can make people remember us and remain in contact once the meeting lapses. With life being uncertain, we never know when our stack of connections can be of great help, or we get the privilege to help others. Whatever the case, cultivating your own solid network base will set you up for success even during turbulent times.

As the National Director of Corporate Connections UAE Chapter, I have witnessed how our members continuously collaborate to seek counsel and move forward, and I take the liberty of sharing a few useful tips to better connect with others.

Connect with people, then link them to each other

If you know the value you can bring to others, you’ll be able to connect confidently with more people. Once you connect with the right people, think further about how best you can introduce your connections and cross-connect people to access guidance, support or information. By being of help to others you not only strengthen your connections, but also amplify your sense of gratitude and well-being in the process.

Be candid in acknowledging people’s work and contribution

Human connections work only if integrity and authenticity are at the base of the relationship. It’s only then people get positive vibes and build trust with one another. Showing genuine interest in others and being open and sincere when acknowledging their work and contribution fortifies bonds of friendship. Small acts of gratitude open new doors and this way your connections will be enthused to give more.

Listen with interest

When engaging in conversations listen attentively to what the other person has to say. The more interest you display, the more genuine and likeable you’ll come across. Probe further with open-ended questions to get the other person comfortably talking so that you can better understand his/her thinking, relate to it and respond accordingly.

Involve humor in conversations

Connections form more naturally when we spend time laughing with others. Humour deepens bonds between people and makes the relationship more informal. Your closest buddy turns a mirror, a shoulder and a laugh when you need it most. Even in the most testing times, you can turn to your informal connections for counsel and advice to sail through life’s challenges.

Access interesting information

It’s not just the size of your network, but the quality of connections that matters. What’s unknown to you may be an area of expertise to another and this is how you personally and professionally grow and continuously learn along the way. By eliciting new knowledge and technological know-how from your diverse connections, you can grow your business in ways never imagined before. Joining premiere networks helps you reach out to global thought leaders and influencers and benefit from best practices shaping the industry.

At your next networking event, do keep these tips in mind to form deep and meaningful connections with people.

Just keep in mind building quality connections does take effort and dedication. With the right mindset and patience, you can deepen your connection with people over time. As connecting with people turns into a habit, you’ll start realizing the benefits of a growing network.

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