4 Ways to Beat Leadership Blues

Loneliness at the top is one of the top leadership blues. Despite being surrounded by their people, leaders often struggle with loneliness in their ivory tower. This is because very few people can relate to and appreciate the unique set of challenges leading an organization brings.

Having both dealt with loneliness myself many times and having come across leaders who’ve struggled with similar issues, I understand how awful you feel at the apex of your business. I also know you can fix this and have found ways to find meaningful company in whose presence your energy and drive will be multiplied when discussing strategy and tactics.

As the National Director of CorporateConnections UAE, I suggest you try these ways to combat leadership blues and see which one works best for you :

Nurture a passion or hobby

Every entrepreneur should identify and indulge in one or more hobbies or passions outside the workplace. Pursuit of a hobby give your creativity and energy levels an outlet and rejuvenates your mind. Amassing new knowledge, hobbies compel you to keep learning, develop new skills and appreciate the fine aspects of life. Whether you’re fond of art or antique collection, hobbies serve as a good conversation starter and help you better connect with people from different walks of life. Passions such as mountain climbing, bike riding, scuba diving and other extreme sports not only channelize physical energy but also sharpen your mind to focus on goals and innovate.

Grow and nurture an online community

Social media is not just for creating brand awareness and marketing products but also connecting with the right bunch of individuals. Astutely make use of the platform to find a set of leading entrepreneurs and connect with like-minded individuals. Create your online group to collaborate in these networks for sharing latest industry trends or discussing about latest happenings in the region. This way you’ll be abreast of the latest developments in the market.

Join a premiere network group

Apart from an online community, you need to nurture real-world human connections. The best way out is to join a professional business networking forum to reap the fruits of membership. Once such premiere network is CorporateConnections, where an environment of trust and engagement is created for lifetime connections to flourish. Here you’ll form meaningful relationships with smart businessmen and form a lifetime association with members. As your advisors and buddies, they’ll help you overcome leadership burdens and facilitate both your professional and personal growth.

Double up on brunches and informal meets

Just joining a network isn’t enough. You should work your way to form and deepen relations with members. Steeping out of the office occasionally in coffee shops, restaurants or retreats is the best way to lighten up from the frustrations of daily work pressures. Informal meetings have the power to combat isolation and give you much-needed moments of relaxation. It’s here where you can express your views over interesting reads, gain new knowledge and broaden your outlook towards life.

I assert that the best antidote to loneliness is meaningful networking. It will give you access to helpful friends who offer constructive advice and feedback you yearn for and will help grow both you and your business in ways never imagined before.

No longer lonely at the top when you join CC

In order to meet the smartest set of hands-on leaders who walk the talk join a CorporateConnections chapter today and see for yourself how members act as catalyst for growth. Meeting regularly over guest seminars, conferences and spotlight presentations, members help resolve problems and offer counsel to sail through challenges.