Ways to Learn Effectively

In a fast-paced world things turn obsolete quickly and so will you if you don’t keep upgrading your knowledge and skills. You must keep learning to keep earning and the process has no finishing line. Constant learning has the power to broaden your intellect and is one of the most gratifying experiences you can gain.

Learning and upskilling is the very essence of being a leader. In order to elevate your business to a new level or diversify into global markets you need to garner knowledge of various industries, market preferences and laws of the land. With the shift to a knowledge-based economy, business leaders need to refine their learning habits and upgrade skills to stay relevant and competitive in the business world.

As the National Director of CorporateConnections UAE, I outline simple ways for executives to learn effectively:

Make use of audio books

If you lack the time for reading, turn to audio books to help you learn on the go. When signing up for online courses check if they offer downloadable audio books. Audio versions of books help you go through books faster and help absorb new concepts. Continuous knowledge feeds give you an edge to deliver more value to your team and customers.

Convert learning into action

Gaining heaps of knowledge is of less use, unless you implement it for the greater good. Practicing what you’ve learnt not only helps you validate knowledge but also transforms systems for the good. If you learnt a new marketing hack or SEO trick, get your team working on it to elevate your operations.

Turn to mentors and experts

Taking wings under a senior or experienced entrepreneur allows you access to a valuable sounding board for new ideas as well as critical inputs on tricky issues. Learning from their first-hand experiences and mistakes will save you from repeating them again. Plus you tap a plethora of information, expertise and support in key areas of business such as marketing, taxation and a complex range of people issues to remain ahead of the curve.

Join networking groups

Premiere networking forums offer an avenue to hone your skills and imbibe new behaviours of seasoned businessmen. Members consistently learn and grow from each other’s experiences, expertise and connections. Global conferences, seminars, workshops and retreats equip members with tried-and-true concepts. Constant interactions, exchange of ideas and engagement with members helps you gain in-depth understanding about business in different parts of the globe.

I hope you find these tips useful and wish you the best for your learning journey.

At CorporateConnections, you can accelerate your learning and development from the best minds in the business. A circle of experienced leaders backed by a proven structure propels your mind to discover more avenues for revenues and unearth your professional and personal aspirations. Joining a Chapter is a recipe for exponential learning.