Pursue your passions as diligently as your profession.

Work-Life balance is essential


I am passionate about Networking. The skill to connect is not something I was born with but something that I have acquired and mastered first at my job, and then at Business Network International, popularly known as BNI.

I began, like most people do, by attending evening networking events where we exchanged cards and hoped to stay in touch. The purpose initially was purely to garner more business for my fledgling company. My networking skills developed seriously only after I joined BNI.


BNI helps members grow their business through a structured, positive and professional referral program that enables them to develop meaningful, long-term relationships. It was founded by Dr. Ivan Misner on the philosophy of ‘Givers Gain’.

I was introduced to BNI by my BAFCO colleague Napolean D’Souza in 2006 and since then I have been an ardent networker forging relationships that I continue to nurture with current and past members. My chapter is the Rising Phoenix, a 50+ strong members from different walks of life. I have held the position of chapter President, Regional Director and Director Consultant.

I have strongly believed the social capital is as important as business capital, and a successful entrepreneur must master the art of both. You have to focus on the value that friendship creates and the intangible ways in which members in communities contribute to each other. The social capital that is created works in many ways to fulfill personal as well as business needs.
I enjoy listening to success stories of others and have learned equally as much from failures. In the same breath, I have also shared my stories and contacts to help fellow members.

I joined BNI as a business strategy but it became my identity and my way of life. I can humbly say that I owe a lot of my success and my outlook on life to BNI. It has been my single-most important Guru.

I have turned my passion into a mission and have recently embarked upon a new project to build networked communities through Corporate Connections. My new project will help successful business owners and C-Level executives to move up to a higher orbit of business growth and personal development.


I am a member of the GMBF which is a professional forum of Marathi speaking businessmen hailing largely from the Indian state of Maharashtra, that has Mumbai as its capital city. The forum organizes seminars, exhibitions, networking events and acts as a bridge between Maharashtra and the Gulf.

It has 400+ members and I have been associated it with since I started business. I have held leadership position at GMBF and I am part of the executive committee. The forum gives me an opportunity to connect with my countrymen with the familiarity of the Marathi language.


I am in my element in front of a class. It exhilarates me to think that my words can shape a mind.

I got my first break as a trainer at BNI doing the Member Success program which is a 4-hour session on deriving the best results from the BNI Membership. I have done the highest number of training sessions in the region and have an award to show for my achievement. I was honoured with an award on completing over 50 sessions.

I conduct regular training sessions for my staff on topics relating to leadership, time-management, delegation. I have also been invited to deliver training programs by private businesses and some professional and social organizations.

Some of my notable training sessions have been on:
I believe that a leader is a STAR:
  • S

    Sees what others do not

  • T

    Puts the team together to
    work on opportunity or challenge

  • A

    Aligns team members towards the priorities

  • R

    Retain responsibility,
    while giving away authority

I have conducted workshops for :

My training material is compiled from books, management articles, podcasts as well as the various training programs that I regularly attend.
A few of the training workshops that I have benefited from are:


I can honestly confess that I am not an avid reader. But that does not deprive me from the pleasure and knowledge of books, because I prefer to listen rather than read.

I listen when I am travelling in my car, or on flights or while waiting at an appointment. It is much easier to retain what I listened as I am an auditory person in the parlance of NLP.

I have an Audible subscription and have a large collection of audio books that form my library. That does not mean I don’t have printed books, I do, but my audio collection far outnumbers my printed books.

In current years I have started watching video documentaries on management topics and this has helped me to retain information better.


I started Yoga in 2012 heeding to Anagha’s constant appeals. She was already into it and got me to say yes to a set of 3 free sessions at the studio close to my residence.

The very first day I decided that I was coming back and since then I regularly attend 3-4 sessions a week. Rumana Rab, the founder of Holistic Yoga, is my personal coach and I go to the studio two times a week in the morning and two times in the evening. Twice a week is a one-to-one session, and the rest are group sessions.
Even though I have been doing it since 2012, I still prefer a personal coach because its all about getting the right posture. Your coach knows your body and your mind and is constantly there to ensure that you are doing it correctly and at times helping you to retain your posture.

I look forward to my yoga session because I know that I am taking good care of my body and channelizing my energies towards my goals. We practice different Asanas each time as decided by my coach but over the years I have found some to be most beneficial and challenging. It helps me to exercise the muscles and retain flexibility in my limbs.

I would recommend these asanas and prayanamas:

When I look back at how I got into Yoga, I thank my belief that to start something, take the first step. Just like in business, you cannot keep talking, you have to take the first step and see where it leads you.


I love the feeling of power and command when I sit behind the steering. I get sheer delight when the engine performs to my slightest gesture and the transmission to my deft manoeuvres. It is a lot like steering my business to greater heights. My team is my engine and my strategy is my transmission.

I am nuts about cars and the Auto Workshop in front of my home that I frequented as a child are to take the credit for it. In my spare time, I often hanged around the cars and watched with fascination as they were taken apart and put back together. I had a good collection of Dinky cars during my childhood which I still treasure.

During my mechanical engineering studies the Internal Combustion Engine re-ignited my interest in cars and it stayed with me all these years. I avidly follow development in automobile industry and love not just the engineering but also the styling. I subscribe to the YouTube channels of all popular cars and stay abreast through the Wheels magazine.

Our first family car was a Premier Padmini which we later graduated to the Maruti 800 and then to a Honda City. My first car in Dubai was a company car, the Mitsubishi Lancer. We kept good company of each other as we cruised from one client to another. When I started out on my own I got a Honda Civic and then I moved up to a sub-SUV, a Honda CRV and further success meant a full-blown SUV, the Lexus GX460.

My current car is the sedan BMW 428i and the agile Range Rover Sport, both which I drive alternatively enjoying the German Engineering and Indian Enterprise.